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Reviewer:  Jane Johnston from Scotland - 5 STARS
Gicas Seljord

I have only worn these once, as they arrived today, but first impressions are excellent.
I bought a size up, as advised, and they fit perfectly, the fitted heel does indeed, keep your heel in place, even with thin socks on, but the forefoot is very roomy, so still plenty of space for thick winter socks.
Out and about , they are great, very grippy sole, which got me over moss covered rocks and through slippy mud safely.
They are just as comfy as Bogs, but ( IMO ) have a more robust foot, and far superior grip, something that always annoyed me about Bogs, was that they don't make ladies wellies with any sort of grip, which made them 
quite treacherous on muddy farm tracks. They aren't too tall either, so perfect if your a lady of the shorter 
variety, the leg is also generous in width for those of us with a meaty calf.
On a mild day, they were very hot to wear, but they aren't really meant for mild days, so not really a problem.

Reviewer:  Lesley from Wales - 5 STARS
Gicas Boots

Boots arrived this morning and were worn this afternoon on a walk through rain sodden fields.  So comfortable, very grippy even in the mud, waterproof.  I just hope they don't split on the rear heel like another famous brand of neoprene boots.

Reviewer: Iain from East Sussex - 5 STARS
Excellent service ordered Tuesday arrived Wednesday. Very comfortable boots.

Reviewer: Peter Edwards from Cornwall - 5 STARS
I have just got back in after 6 hours of shooting pictures on a windswept beach and my feet are absolutely roasting!  My feet have been immersed in seawater and standing behind a tripod immobile for long periods, I thought they would, like normal be cold,but no,they were lovely and warm.  I also put their grip to the test and thought that as usual I would slip on the wet rocks ,but again I was pleasantly surprised to find I was moving like a mountain goat,albeit an old one.

Believe the hype these boots are great and worth every penny.  Now for the high ones so I can go into deeper water.

Reviewer: Jason from Devon - 5 STARS
Mens Svalbard High Blk & Womens Seljord High Blk Handles

Excellent Boots.  I bought these for the wife and I because our old boots (also from Country Soles) are a bit tired now because we use them every day to walk the dogs and to work in our rather large garden.  The boots we had before were not available any longer and we had received such excellent service and advice from Country Soles about sizes etc. that I called again.  We have been wearing our new 'GiCas' boots now for nearly two weeks and love them. The soles on both pairs are the same and seem better than our previous boots.  My wife and I agree that the boots also feel like a better fit as our heels dont lift so much when walking.

I know we were some of the first customers to try out the new 'GiCas' boots and can highly recommend them.

Reviewer: Sophie from Somerset - 5 STARS
I am so pleased with my new Bogs.  I relied on  all your reviews when I bought them and am so glad I did.  I have just stomped my way around my wet boggy field and they are so warm and dry, so much better than ordinary wellies.  Thank you for introducing me to Bogs and for the very efficient service.  I will definitely recommend you.


Reviewer: Anna S from Surrey - 5 STARS 

Wanted to say what a fantastic service I‚ve had from Julie at Country Soles, she has kept me informed at every stage about their shipment, issues I've had about sizing and the actual delivery of my boots.

Thanks again Julie and Country Soles.



Reviewer: Christina Roberts from S.E. Cornwall - 5 STARS

Very many thanks to Julie for her help in guiding me to the best choice in boots I've made for a long time:)



Reviewer: May R from Glasgow - 5 STARS

Service from Country Soles has been fantastic, responded to my email query promptly and subsequently took an order prior to boots going on line. 

Julie and the team kept me updated at every stage.  Boots arrived yesterday are a great fit (take the recommendation and move up a size) and very comfortable - all ready for the snow now!  Thanks again for the fantastic service.



Reviewer: Carole from S Wales - 5 STARS 

So far these boots feel very comfortable. Communication and delivery excellent. Thanks.


Reviewer: Alison from South West Wales - 5 STARS

My boots arrived one day after ordering and I am delighted with them.

There is a bit of a story attached....having decided to buy the Women's Mid boots from you - a size 7, one up from my usual size - I was really disappointed to find that they were out of stock. I worked out though that the men's version in a size 6 have the same dimensions as the women's (other than a few centimetres in height) so I bought those instead.

Dog walking on a Welsh mountain with warm, dry feet sorted!



Reviewer: Anne Roy from Scotland - 5 STARS

I came across these boots by chance on the web read all the reviews and thought "yea sure!" but bought them anyway. Am I glad I did. I can't believe how warm my feet are when I am walking the dog in 8 ins of snow. Wellies keep me dry but never warm, these boots are all they say they are! 

Can I also say thank you for advising to take a bigger size, no other site did this which is why I bought from you. Your delivery service was first class and I would certainly recommend you. Thank you!         



Reviewer: Kevin Allen from Tittleshall - 5 STARS

Needed a new pair of boots for work, as my feet were always cold and soggy in my wellies.  These are loads better than any other boot i've ever had. Very comfortable and lightweight and certainly very warm -without having to wear 3 pairs of socks!  Its a shame I have to take them off when I get home! Thanks Julie and Gary for your great service to bootkind!



Reviewer: Maggie from Alresford Essex - 5 STARS

Excellent service. I saw these boots at the Suffolk Show ground and was impressed, as I was unable to buy a wide enough wellie for wide calf fitting, but as soon as I tried these on I knew they would be ok. Ive worn them in the snow, water proof and warm, so impressed I bought a some for my daughter who is always complaining her wellies make her feet cold.



Reviewer: JB from Norfolk - 5 STARS
Country Soles are quick to deliver - not only free delivery, but they arrived in 2 days!



Reviewer: Jo at FedEx - 5 STARS
Brilliant - Feet were warm and dry all day despite standing around in the snow at -7 all day yesterday and today. I've worn Hunters for the past 20 years - these are 500% better. Now ordering for my friends  



Reviewer: Mrs M Munday from Kings Lynn - 5 STARS
These are the comfiest boots I have ever had (I have a weird ankle bone & no rubbing)! 8 hours beating in minus temperatures & my feet did not feel cold, the sole grip in snow was excellent,even with a very excitable 45kg gundog pulling me around I managed to stay upright!! Excellent boots, worth every penny... Thankyou!  



Reviewer: Mrs L C from Herts - 5 STARS

I've never had wellies before because I have large calves but these boots are just super. I put them on and, well, they are just so comfortable I didn't take them off for hours. They are so easy to slip on and kick off, which is great for my bad back. These boots cost more than I would normally spend, but are well worth every penny. You get what you pay for! My feet are so warm all the time and they are completely waterproof so there is no problem walking in the woods with the dog. Service from the suppliers was brilliant, very helpful. Now I'm going to treat myself to a long pair for Christmas. I'd definitely recommend these boots to anyone!