Q: Why have GiCas boots been introduced? 
A:  GiCas of Norway offers everything you could possibly want in a warm, comfortable and waterproof boot.  Bogs are excellent boots 
which all had an 'Air-mesh' lining when we first introduced them to the UK market. 
Bogs no longer have 'Air-mesh' in any children's or women's footwear and in only a few men's styles. We believe that all neoprene 
boots should be breathable.  Hence the 'GiCas' of Norway brand which offers all footwear with air mesh as standard.
Q: Is the neoprene part of the boots waterproof? 
A:  Yes, the boots are constructed with an internal waterproof, breathable neoprene sock liner and are fully waterproof.  
Q:  Are they warm? 
A: Yes, our boots are extremely warm and comfortable. Most of our boots are rated from -30 degrees C down to -60 degrees C. 
That's pretty warm! 
Q: Can I easily exchange the boots if they are not the correct size?
A: Yes, we want you to be happy and to have the correct size footwear and will happily exchange them for the correct size (as long as the boots are returned unworn).
Who do you use for delivery and can I leave special delivery instructions?
A: We use FedEx for all our deliveries. They are very reliable and normally deliver your order the next day in the UK Mainland. They will leave your parcel elsewhere if you have left special instructions to do so.
Q: Should my boots have a snug fit?

A: We recommend that your footwear should be a slightly loose fit with normal socks on. There should be a minimum of 0.5cm space past your longest toe but preferably 1cm. If you have checked the length of your foot against our chart and are still not sure, please give us a call.
Q: Will the fabric / neoprene tear on the boots with handles?

A: No. The fabric is very strong and designed to withstand the tugging on the handles.
Q: How good is the grip on ice and compacted snow?

A: GiCas boots all have an excellent sole unit thats been tried and tested in the ice & snows of Norway.  The grip on most BOGS boots is excellent.

Q: Do I need thick socks?
A: The simple answer is "No"! Most people wear thick socks because traditional 'wellies' are uncomfortable and cold. Neoprene wellies with air-mesh are both very comfortable and very warm, so thin socks are not only all that is needed, but recommended. Thick socks can be warn if they still allow enough room in the boot for the air-mesh to circulate the air and also if they are made of materials that breathe such as Alpaca wool, which is excellent.  Many Ladies tell us that our boots are so comfy and warm that they don't wear socks at all!