Thoroughly disappointed with the various rubber wellies that we had owned over the years - tired of blisters, cold feet and sore legs where the boots had rubbed - we sought a waterproof boot that was both comfortable & warm, could be worn all day and looked great. 
We started importing an American brand of footwear in 2008. In 2011 the design changed and the boots were manufactured without the breathable lining.  They also discontinued all of the mid height boots in the UK.  So, we decided to source another brand.

We required a breathable lining in every boot, a better sole and more support.  We wanted both full height and mid height boots, handles or no handles.

Fortunately for us, our associates in Norway and Germany had the same idea and had already produced a brand of their own.  With an extensive knowledge of neoprene boots sales, performance and fit, they created a boot and brand using only top quality materials with rigorous manufacturing quality control in a boot design born from the very best of the rest.  Known as 'GiCas' in Norway and '93Fella' in Germany.

In 2012 we imported our first consignment of 'GiCas of Norway' ready for sale in the UK January 2013.  GiCas boots are becoming more and more popular and we look forward to providing the UK with these fantastic boots for many years to come.


N.B - We no longer offer phone support.  Less than 2% of our customers used this method to contact us, so we now offer e-mail communication only.  Please accept our apologies if this causes you any inconvenience.



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